5 Tips for Getting Your Nutrition Back on Track After Harvey

By Molly Wong Vega, MS, RDN, LD

Sports Dietitian, Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute

Hurricane Harvey not only caused destruction to our property but also our daily routines. Don’t let it ruin your health too. As with any event that turns your life upside down, sometimes our usual meal patterns and food selections are thrown out of sync. Get back on track with these ideas to tip the scale in your favor and leave yourself feeling better.

Choose a time and start!

Put it on your calendar. Schedule your health; whether it is cooking at home or going to the gym.

Choose a small start goal for a smoother transition. Focus on one day a week and then build from there. Unless you are a person who responds better to large swings in routine, don’t try to move back all at once especially, if you don’t have the methods or materials to support it. No change is too small.

Plan ahead.

Pick some of your favorite healthy go – to’s to make the transition easier. Choose your favorite fruit or veggie to include at meals or add as snacks throughout the day.

Plan for one meal per day to focus on eating more unprocessed, whole foods. Try to add back one thing at a time if life is too unpredictable right now.

If time is at a premium to you right now and you don’t even feel you can shop for healthier food, look into healthier meal delivery options or grocery store pick up/delivery options.

If you have to order out right now, attempt to make healthier options. Avoid chips and fries as sides and opt for salads or fruit. Choose baked or grilled options over fried foods.

Don’t focus on the past or play the mental blame game.

Today is a new day. You can’t change what you ate in the past; only what you plan to eat in the future and the situations you create for yourself.

Remember your water bottle! Skip the sugary drinks and alcohol.

Not only will the obvious extra calories be saved but staying hydrated may help you understand the difference between hunger and thirst cues.

Track your food (if that’s your thing).

Research shows that just the simple act of writing down what you eat can help you lose weight. Check out some apps to make it easier for you!

For more nutrition tips and counseling options, visit ironman.memorialhermann.org.



  1. I live in Tampa, so I prepped for Irma with a ton of less than healthy non perishable snacks. Another good tip would be to donate your extra foods to those in need. (If you can spare.) But don’t pig out on goldfish and Chewy bars like I did!

    Maybe find a group sending care packages to Puerto Rico if you need to get rid of some food.

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