Playing It Safe: A Young Dad’s Close Call with Death

Although Micah Bodine didn’t realize it at the time,  the warning sign he experienced at an August Houston Astros game may have saved his life. “I was leaving the game with my daughters and I couldn’t make it to the car without stopping to catch my breath. I’d been dealing with heart issues over the [Continue Reading]

Living life without a pulse.

On her better days, Courtney Brown laments the simple pleasures in life she can no longer enjoy: bubble baths, swimming in the pool with her two kids, freedom from the machine tethered to her heart that is keeping her alive. On her darker days, Brown wonders, “Why me?” Why did her heart fail suddenly at [Continue Reading]

Tired of the same ol’ chicken salad? This sweet and tangy creation is sure to brighten your day!

It’s #FoodieFriday around here at Memorial Hermann!  In honor of February and Heart Month, we’re continuing our tradition of blog posts featuring heart-healthy recipes created by our affiliated chefs and dietitians.  Lighten things up with this quick and easy recipe for Lemon, Blueberry and Chicken Salad.  Your heart will thank you! Watch how easy it [Continue Reading]

Dance Instructor Faces Death and Lives to Teach Another Day

For three hours, physicians and nurses rotated in and out of the operating room performing CPR on William Ashworth, shocking him 54 times to keep him alive. Once they were able to restart his heart, Ashworth would spend another 20 days in a coma, beginning at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Hospital and then transferring via [Continue Reading]

A Special Love Story to Celebrate this Valentine’s Day

Tara and David DeGrace live in New Hampshire with their adorable twins, Jack and Lila, who just turned one on Christmas Day. Their story is a true love story. The kind of love other love stories aspire to be. The kind of love that conquered insurmountable odds and after many years of crossing paths and [Continue Reading]

Chest pain, an octopus and a broken heart

In 1990, Japanese researchers identified a temporary condition in which patients experienced the same symptoms as a heart attack, including chest pain and shortness of breath, but tests turned up no evidence of blockages even though the patients’ electrocardiograms mimicked the abnormalities seen in heart attacks. Even more bizarre, doctors noticed that these patients each [Continue Reading]