”Not Your Parents’ Mosquitoes”: When To Worry About Bites

Mosquito bites can be more than just a nuisance for many throughout the spring and summer months. They’re also a growing source of disease throughout the United States. “These are not our parents’ mosquitoes and they may not be ‘just mosquito bites’ anymore,” said Luis Ostrosky, MD, medical director of epidemiology at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical [Continue Reading]

When the First Responder Becomes the Trauma Victim

Since he was a young boy, Officer Nestor “Nacho” Garcia, 25, dreamed of becoming a police officer. It was something he always saw for his future. He made his dream a reality when he turned 21 and applied to join the Houston Police Academy and officially became a police officer in 2016. “It was the [Continue Reading]

Waking Up After 33 Days in a Coma

It was a busy day at the convenience store where Kyung Lee works. As usual, familiar customers came in and out of the store, filling up their tanks and paying for their midday snacks. Little did Kyung know those same customers would help save his life. “I don’t remember much once I fell,” said Kyung, [Continue Reading]

Meet the Medical Power Couple Who Has Delivered Thousands of Babies

For more than a decade, Dr. Donny Eckhardt and his wife, Kari Eckhardt, have been working side-by-side, bringing new lives into the world and helping thousands of women become mothers. The Eckhardts are a well-known couple in Montgomery County, where they have practiced for many years. Dr. Eckhardt has delivered more than 5,000 babies since he started [Continue Reading]

Following Mom’s Lead in Caring for Others

When 4-year-old Mark Littler attended his mom’s graduation from nursing school with his triplet brothers, Luke and John, little did his family suspect that 25 years later he would be following in his mom’s footsteps.  Today, mother and son are both on staff at Memorial Hermann Katy Hospital, caring for patients. For mom, Pam Littler, [Continue Reading]