Traveling Abroad Soon? Tips for a Healthy Trip

With summer in full swing, travel season is revving up. A Gallup poll found the majority of adult Americans schedule their vacations in the latter part of July. While many of the travelers who fall into this category plan to stay within the borders of the United States, a large number will travel internationally. Although [Continue Reading]

When Juvenile Arthritis Strikes Your Child

Allie Guerino was just 9 years old when she was diagnosed with juvenile idiopathic arthritis. After suffering with extreme swelling in her joints, her family initially thought it would take months to get an appointment because of the shortage of pediatric rheumatologists. Anxious to get his daughter quick treatment, Allie’s father sent an email to [Continue Reading]

Facing the World

Reyli Hernandez is a fun-loving, 10-year-old boy who enjoys running and playing with his friends and family. He dreams of becoming a doctor when he grows up, maybe because Reyli has spent much of his young life surrounded by doctors, having undergone more surgeries in 10 years than most will experience in a lifetime. Born [Continue Reading]

Hospital Volunteers Spend Summers Giving Back

For many, the summer can be a time to relax, go on vacation, or get a break from school. For volunteers with the Memorial Hermann Health System, it’s a time they can focus on giving back. Below, we’ve highlighted a few volunteers from across the System who so generously take time out of their summers [Continue Reading]

Flesh-eating Bacteria: Experts Weigh In

With several reports in the news of people infected with “flesh-eating bacteria” recently,  Gulf Coast area residents are asking if they should be concerned. Infectious disease specialists affiliated with Memorial Hermann want to make sure people have the facts. We took the most frequently asked questions about this disease straight to the experts. Q: What [Continue Reading]