One Year Colon Cancer Free

It’s an anniversary most people don’t ever want to have to celebrate, but Ioannis Schinas is happy to call himself one year cancer free, following a colorectal cancer diagnosis in February of last year. “I wasn’t nervous about having my colonoscopy this year. I feel lucky to be in Houston with good doctors and I [Continue Reading]

For this Cancer Survivor, Life Began at 67

For Jean Joseph, life began when she was diagnosed with colon cancer in 2017 at age 67. She’d been sleepwalking through life for three years, reeling from the death of her only child — and best friend – Laura, at 44, from endometrial cancer. “To stand helpless over my daughter dying in her living room [Continue Reading]

Is Obesity Raising Your Risk of Cancer?

Most people know that obesity, which is defined as having an unhealthy amount of body fat, greatly increases your risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep apnea or stroke. But did you know that  obesity also increases the risk of many cancers? According to some research, about 100,000 new cases of cancer [Continue Reading]

Starting the New Year with a New Smile

“A smile is the best makeup a girl can wear”- Marilyn Monroe. After a tough battle against throat cancer, Linda Morrow’s “makeup” was in danger. Her dentist told her that her teeth had been damaged by the radiation treatments, a common but unfortunate side effect. “My teeth were in such bad shape, they were in [Continue Reading]

Receiving the “Ultimate Gift”

For Danquein Horton, the holidays have taken on a whole new meaning this year. “I’m more excited for Christmas than ever before, I’m like a child,” Horton said. “We usually just get a tree but we’ve decorated everything this year. We’re going to celebrate. We’re going to give thanks like never before.” This year is [Continue Reading]

Do You Know the Top Five Health Threats to Men?

November is Men’s Health Month and knowing the top health issues for the man in your life could save his life. Physicians affiliated with Memorial Hermann Health System are highlighting some of the most common diseases they see affecting their male patients. Learn about these illnesses and how they can be prevented. Click on the [Continue Reading]