Raising an Athlete: Preventing Sports Injuries in Children

Sports-related injuries are the leading cause of injury among adolescents. Dual-fellowship trained pediatric orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon, Alfred Mansour, M.D., team physician for the NBA Houston Rockets, little league coach, parent of three and former NCAA All-American athlete, shares his tried-and-true advice for parents of kids with big dreams. How do you choose a

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Dangers of Leaving Kids in Hot Cars

Temperatures in your car can rise 20 degrees within the first 10 minutes.  Don’t forget to check the backseat!  Children overheat four times faster than adults meaning heat stroke and death can happen faster than you think. Even the most vigilant parents can overlook a sleeping baby in the car.  If a child is left

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Houston Lamborghini Festival 2013 Benefiting Children’s Memorial Hermann

  The second annual Lamborghini Festival was held this past weekend. The celebration included the participation of more than 50 examples of the iconic brand of Italian automobiles and raised funds for Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital.  A few of the Lamborghinis made their way to Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital on Friday and surprised our pediatric

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Give Treats, Not Tricks this Halloween.

As you prepare for your annual ghoulish hauntings, don’t forget that approximately 4% of American children have a food allergy. One of the most common and potentially fatal allergens, peanuts, can be hidden in some of the most popular candies, and even in some face paints made with unrefined peanut oil. Even seemingly peanut-free snacks

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