Don’t Delay! Children Immunization Rates Hit Recent Lows

By Dr. Peter Jung A major silver lining of the COVID-19 pandemic is that children as a whole have been relatively safe from severe complications from the virus. This is not to discount the fact that there have been young patients who have ended up in the intensive care unit, developed Multisystem Inflammatory Syndrome in [Continue Reading]

Ali Vise

Ali Vise

Follow-Up Friday: Teenager Abigail Now Thriving a Year After Heart Surgery

The possibility Abigail Franklin could lead an active, healthy lifestyle absent of heart transplant before she turned 30 years old was at one time inconceivable to her family. And when John and Eve Franklin’s middle child began experiencing the early stages of heart failure at age 15, it seemed altogether impossible. But a life-saving surgery [Continue Reading]

Derek Kelsheimer

5 Important Reminders This Holiday Season

There is a lot on everyone’s minds during the holidays and safety should be at the top of the list. Here are some important and safe reminders this holiday season. Check your airbag’s status as part of your travel plans. The United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued the Takata [Continue Reading]

Tashika Varma

Teen, ejected from a vehicle, is thankful for a second chance at life

By Jade Waddy An act of heroism sent 17-year-old Lacy Johnson down a path that would change her outlook on life. While on summer break from high school, Johnson was ejected from a vehicle she was a passenger in, after it lost control. “I took off my seatbelt to help the driver try to regain [Continue Reading]


‘Tis the Season for Child Safety

By Evan Koch Child safety is what pediatric emergency physicians want at the top of everyone’s shopping lists this holiday season. “This is a time of year where it’s really easy to get caught up in the excitement of the season and overlook potential safety hazards of toys as kids have more access to new [Continue Reading]