Controlling the Chaos: The Physical Effects of Stress and How to Manage it

     Stress is a word often used to describe the chaos and worries of our lives. It can affect our minds, bodies and attitudes. Some people deal with it in a more conservative and practical manner, while others find it more difficult to process. In either situation, you need to understand how stress affects the body and ways to relieve it.

Stress is caused by a variety of events and situations. Whether it is due to work, family, finances or chronic diseases – all of these factors can cause an immense amount of anxiety. We must realize that stress is normal and not always bad, unless it becomes problematic. It is key to distinguish between the two in order to avoid feeling overwhelmed.

When our body senses stress, it sends signals to our brain that something is wrong. This increases our heart rate, blood pressure and emotions. If this state of being is not controlled, you can feel more fatigued and tired. Controlling our feelings is the most important way to help resolve those stressful times, which brings our bodies back into a state of balance. By learning how to prioritize and compartmentalize stress, you can feel more at peace.

There are different ways to reduce stress, and oftentimes it is through rest and relaxation. When trying to find the right technique, consider your lifestyle, fitness level and interests. Whether you find relaxation through exercise, meditation, yoga or hobbies, relaxing may be a combination of what you enjoy and other lifestyle modifications. Most importantly, we must allow ourselves to have fun and live each day to its fullest!

Jenny Luu, M.D.
Family Medicine
Memorial Hermann Medical Group Sweetwater
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