Army Sergeant Fights to Run Again After Horrific Accident

By Jade Waddy U.S. Army Sergeant First Class Nick Laye was riding around Houston on his motorcycle with his fiancée, Megan, when the unthinkable happened. A pick-up truck unexpectedly crossed into their lane, causing the motorcycle to slam into the side of the truck.  In an instant, their lives were changed forever. “The impact pinned [Continue Reading]

Preventing Traumatic Injuries from Becoming Deadly: What You Can Do

A tourniquet and some basic knowledge can prevent a traumatic injury from becoming a deadly one. Memorial Hermann is joining other trauma care providers in Stop the Bleed, a national prevention campaign to educate the public and save lives. Trauma occurs every 4 seconds in the United States and is the leading cause of death [Continue Reading]

Riding Again After a Terrible Rodeo Injury: Tara’s Story

  Tara Fox has always had an affinity for animals. She grew up around horses and during her senior year of high school, she began participating in barrel racing in competitions throughout Southeast Houston and across Texas. “I loved riding and my horse, Cross, was like my child,” Tara said. In the summer of 2015, [Continue Reading]

Milton’s Not Letting A Heart Attack Hold Him Back

Flying planes. Bungee jumping. Riding motorcycles. They’re just a part of the adventurous lifestyle Milton Santos has always led.  Then in July 2017, a severe heart attack  threatened to put an end to all of it. “I was cleaning the pool and started feeling strange; it was something I’d never felt before.  I told my [Continue Reading]

A Twisted Ankle and Kidney Stones Strengthen a Long-time Friendship

Linda Powers and Rich Ruckel have known each other since grade school. While they’ve experienced a lot as friends and neighbors, they never realized that would include two trips to the Emergency Center over just a few days. “I fell while cooking out with friends. I thought I’d just twisted my ankle, so I put [Continue Reading]