Firefighters’ Epic Lip Sync Challenge Leads to a Surprise Visit for Houston’s Hospitalized Kids

By Evan Koch

Earlier this summer, the Spring Fire Department (SFD) showcased its talents by performing in a lip sync challenge music video, generating more than 100,000 views on Facebook and local media coverage.

SFD’s encore to that performance was a surprise visit to Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in Houston.

When several SFD firefirefighters stopped by the hospital to visit, they brought more than $2,000 in toys and items of need to patients and families—all purchased by donations raised through the lip sync challenge video.

“Our firefighters said that if they were going to do the lip sync challenge, it had to benefit a great cause,” said SFD Communications Director Tracee Evans.

“The firemen decided to give to Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital,” said SFD Deputy Fire Chief Scott Schoonover. “We filled up a bunch of carts and went room to room, letting the kids pick out toys, providing fire helmets and having a lot of good interactions.”

The items ranged from white noise machines, dolls, hats and footballs to books, Legos® and Hot Wheels® toys. SFD also brought toy fire trucks and firefighter toy hats.

“These visits connect patients and families to supporters outside of the hospital,” said Alyssa Luksa, director of Child Life and Expressive Therapies at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital. “The firefighters brought smiles to the kids’ faces. Families will often tell us how much they are comforted knowing the outside world cares, especially the first responders.”

Thank you to the Spring Fire Department for an amazing, personalized visit!

Check out the video of their visit below.


  1. That’s just an amazing thing for you guys to do. Thank you, SFD for taking care of all the children in Memorial Hermann. You’re a wonderful group of men with a big heart. Thank you for taking care of others, and for everything you do! ❤️

  2. Thank you so much for welcoming our firefighters so warmly. This was an honor for us and we hope to partner with Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital in the future. The joy on the children’s faces made our day.

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