Is Obesity Raising Your Risk of Cancer?

Most people know that obesity, which is defined as having an unhealthy amount of body fat, greatly increases your risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep apnea or stroke. But did you know that  obesity also increases the risk of many cancers? According to some research, about 100,000 new cases of cancer [Continue Reading]

The Skin Infection All Parents Should Know About

Keno may never remember the week he spent in the hospital as an infant but his mother, Mimi, won’t forget. At just four months old, Keno spent five days at Children’s Memorial Hermann at Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital where doctors treated him for staphylococcal scalded skin syndrome. “I began to notice very light red patches [Continue Reading]

Creating Healthier Houston Families, One Carrot at a Time

When 12-year-old Natalie decided she wanted to play volleyball for her middle school, she was required to undergo a physical to make sure she was healthy enough for sports.But her routine checkup uncovered a troubling problem. Natalie’s blood pressure was dangerously high and her elevated blood sugar levels meant she had undiagnosed  type  2 diabetes. [Continue Reading]

Has the Flu Hit Your Household? Here’s How to Stop It from Spreading

In recent weeks, the number of reported influenza cases has increased in Texas, and doctor’s offices and hospitals in the Greater Houston area have also seen an increase in diagnosed cases. With flu activity on the rise, there’s an even greater likelihood that illnesses could spread within households. What can you do to help protect [Continue Reading]

This Year’s Marathon Will be Cold. Here’s How to Prepare.

Finding motivation to go outside and exercise isn’t easy, and Houston’s recent bout of cold weather has the motivation coming in smaller doses. However, those prepping for this weekend’s marathon are still finishing up training and the cold weather won’t hold them back. So far in January, Houston temperatures have been lower than average and [Continue Reading]

Ending the Year with a Bang – Fireworks Safety Tips for the Whole Family

With New Year’s Eve around the corner, safety should be top of mind for everyone planning their gatherings with friends and loved ones. While there are several risk factors to be cautious of this holiday season – including drinking and driving–celebrating with fireworks is an activity everyone should take very seriously. Fireworks have been on [Continue Reading]