Is That Tan Worth Your Life?

Skin cancer is the most common form of cancer in the United States. The good news?  It is the easiest to cure if diagnosed and treated early. “It can’t be emphasized enough the importance of examining your own skin for any changes,” explains Elizabeth Geddes, M.D., M.S., a specialist in the screening for and treatment [Continue Reading]

Making Fitness Fun for Kids

Make it fun and children will want to do it. That goes double for fitness. If you make fitness fun when your kids are young, they will be more likely to continue to be active for life. It’s never too soon to start. According to the Office of the Surgeon General, studies indicate that overweight [Continue Reading]

Under Attack from Seasonal Allergies?

While the colors and sounds of spring are a welcome change from the cold of winter, what we don’t welcome with open arms is the start of spring allergy season. Experts are predicting that spring allergy season may be lasting longer now due to climate change. We talked with Cary Moorhead, M.D., an otolaryngologist with [Continue Reading]