A Special Father’s Day for a Dad Who Survived a Widowmaker

Bobby Galvan only remembers collapsing and later waking up  at Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital. The 50-year-old father of two had suffered a massive heart attack while  doing yard work. “I would consider myself a pretty active person,” said Galvan. “Leading up to the heart attack, I don’t remember feeling any of the warning signs.” [Continue Reading]

Waking Up After 33 Days in a Coma

It was a busy day at the convenience store where Kyung Lee works. As usual, familiar customers came in and out of the store, filling up their tanks and paying for their midday snacks. Little did Kyung know those same customers would help save his life. “I don’t remember much once I fell,” said Kyung, [Continue Reading]

Traveling Halfway Around the World for Lifesaving Treatments in Houston

With some of the nation’s best hospitals, surgeons and rehabilitation facilities, Houstonians may take for granted the specialized medical care provided across the Bayou City and its surrounding communities. It’s a level of care that inspires people from all over the world to travel here. Haya, a native of Kuwait, is living testimony to that. “I [Continue Reading]

Katy Man Beats the Odds to Survive a Deadly Cardiac One-Two Punch

Lancy Mulkey is lucky to be alive after surviving both a heart attack and cardiac arrest in the same day. It’s the type of one-two punch that physicians say has a high risk of death or neurologic damage, if survived. Mulkey’s brush with death happened back in January; he admits he ignored the signs of [Continue Reading]

Living to Race Another Day: A Triathlete’s Story

“I’m fine.” That is what 48-year-old Alexander “Alex” Corredor kept telling his doctor and paramedics as they rushed him to Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital.  Lucky for Alex, they knew better. Flashback to several weeks earlier.  Alex had been suffering from dizziness and feeling tired for weeks. The three-time IRONMAN triathlete could barely run 100 feet [Continue Reading]

Back to Feeling “Healthy & Spry” After Suffering a Carotid Artery Blockage

Lake Houston resident Sigrid Didonato loved to smoke, and for years enjoyed a cup of coffee and cigarettes each morning. Though she eventually quit, her years of daily use caught up to her. What she didn’t know at the time was her history of smoking combined with genetics and other risk factors were putting her [Continue Reading]