Training for the Ironman after heart surgery.

By: Natasha Barrett  Jason Dragon travels a lot for work. At The Department of Homeland Security, his career as a Supervisory Special Agent combating violent crime and dangerous criminal gangs in Houston brings him to places located all over the world. Though he enjoys going overseas, he recently experienced considerable jet lag and had difficulty [Continue Reading]

Ali Vise

From the basketball court to the operating room: Jerry Ashworth reflects on health scare after facing emergency heart surgery

By: Natasha Barrett Most of us gathered around our TV for the biggest game of the year.  Either to see those big-money commercials.  The always gossiped about half-time performances.  Or, the actual showdown on the field.  But, this year, watching the Super Bowl was different for Jerry Ashworth.   Hometown football hero Patrick Mahomes was playing [Continue Reading]

Ali Vise

Ali Vise

She’s There To Help, But So Many People Help Her

By: Natasha Barrett The man walked through the door of the gift shop and seemed a little lost. He stopped, looked around, almost overwhelmed with his head looking down. The woman behind the counter politely asked if she could help him find what he was looking for. He quickly replied, ‘no’ without even looking up. [Continue Reading]

Ali Vise

Follow-Up Friday: Teenager Abigail Now Thriving a Year After Heart Surgery

The possibility Abigail Franklin could lead an active, healthy lifestyle absent of heart transplant before she turned 30 years old was at one time inconceivable to her family. And when John and Eve Franklin’s middle child began experiencing the early stages of heart failure at age 15, it seemed altogether impossible. But a life-saving surgery [Continue Reading]

Derek Kelsheimer

From the Garden to the ER: Michael’s Heartfelt Journey

By Shannon Dillon Within three hours, a day of gardening for Michael Lawrence ended with unsettling health diagnosis.  Last August, Lawrence was in his backyard gardening–one of his favorite hobbies. He had just planted a Texas sage and walked to the front driveway to get a bag of mulch out of his car.  Even though [Continue Reading]