Getting “Back Up to Speed” with a New Kind of Pacemaker

By Meredith Whittemore William Spillman has lived in Houston for more than 75 years.  While the hustle and bustle of the city has only gotten faster, Spillman’s heart hasn’t kept up. “I hadn’t felt well in quite some time. I had no energy. I was tired and falling asleep at my desk,”said Spillman, who runs a [Continue Reading]

Dead for 45 minutes: Teen is giving thanks for his life

By Meredith Whittemore Nineteen-year-old Nathan Santos doesn’t remember anything about the day he died, but his sister, Miliaris, does. “My mother heard him gasping, saw him struggling for air and called me over. I called 911 and started doing CPR. I could see it in his eyes that he was gone, but that didn’t stop [Continue Reading]

Fixing Abigail’s Heart Creates a New Future for College Station Teen

By Evan Koch In less than 24 hours, Abigail Franklin’s life would change forever. “I’m going to be able to do everything I couldn’t do before,” she said standing in the Hermann Atrium, two floors below the Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center operating room where she would soon undergo major surgery. Eve and John Franklin stood [Continue Reading]

From the NICU to the Swimming Pool: Preemie Heart Surgery Patient Making a Big Splash

By Evan Koch Alexandra “Alex” Merhan’s trip to the pool in mid-August was a milestone event for many reasons. After more than a year of swim lessons, the 3-year-old was skilled and confident enough to join her instructor in the water for the first time without either of her parents by her side. But the [Continue Reading]