Houston Couple Loses a Combined 250 Pounds Through NewStart

By Drew Munhausen

Garrett and Dynae Lorenz were married in August 2016, about a year before they would both undergo life-changing procedures through Memorial Hermann’s NewStart program.

Choosing to Make a New Start Together

NewStart is a comprehensive, patient-centered surgical weight loss program offered at five Memorial Hermann locations in Greater Houston. Both Garrett and Dynae had struggled with their weight since they were children. In summer 2017, they decided to start their weight-loss journey together.

“It was never a question of whether we could do it,” Garrett said. “It was always more of a question of ‘Am I really willing to follow through?’”

Garrett and Dynae both received gastric sleeve surgery by Dr. Jason Balette, Director of Weight Loss Surgery at Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center. The procedure removes a portion of the stomach, permanently reducing its size by about 25 percent. The stomach is then surgically stapled to form a banana-shaped tube, or sleeve, which decreases the volume of food (and calories) that can be taken in.

Losing the Pounds and Lowering Their Risk of Other Diseases

Since the procedure, Garrett and Dynae lost a combined 250 pounds, or more than 120 pounds each.

“It’s a clean slate. We’re going to have a better quality of life, and certainly a longer and happier life as a result of it,” Garrett said. “It’s much easier to start at a better point than it is to work towards one, but I think it’s important for people to really understand that it takes discipline, too.”

Weight loss surgery has been shown to have long-term benefits in patients. Many who have received gastric sleeve surgery experience improvements in chronic disease, such as the elimination of Type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol and obstructive sleep apnea.

“Doing this as a team made it so much easier,” Dynae said. “There are a lot of benefits, but it’s the simple things that make such a big difference. Going out and shopping, or participating in activities with friends and other people is much easier. I don’t have to sit down. I don’t have to catch my breath. I can walk endlessly and feel just fine. For anyone who is willing to change the lifestyle they have right now, I can’t recommend enough trying out this program and figuring out what works best for you.”

Find out if you qualify for NewStart by visiting http://weightloss.memorialhermann.org/get-started/.


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