Houston Oilers Legend Dan Pastorini Isn’t Slowing Down Thanks to New Mini Hip

By Drew Munhausen

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NFL legend Dan Pastorini was quarterback for the Houston Oilers during the iconic “Luv Ya Blue” era that originated in 1978. Now, on the 40-year anniversary of the movement, Pastorini, 69, will be inducted in the second class of the Houston Sports Hall of Fame, an honor that includes the likes of Earl Campbell, Hakeem Olajuwon and Nolan Ryan. Pastorini will be able to stand and accept this honor in part due to a special hip replacement he had done at the Memorial Hermann Joint Center – Memorial City.

Innovative Hip Replacement for Former Athletes & Active Adults

Pastorini’s procedure was completed by Dr. Stefan Kreuzer, orthopedic surgeon affiliated with Memorial Hermann Memorial City Medical Center. Dr. Kreuzer offers a special type of hip replacement he calls the “mini hip,” which is a hip replacement specifically for patients with a high level of activity.

“Athletes don’t like to slow down, even as they get older,” said Dr. Kreuzer. “This type of hip replacement requires good bone health and quality, so patients who are workout fanatics or have experienced a high level of activity are typically the best candidates.”

©2017 Al Torres Photography Inc

Personalized Hip Solutions

Dr. Kreuzer and the team of orthopedic surgeons at Memorial Hermann Joint Centers across the Greater Houston area specialize in finding a personalized hip solution for every patient. Extensive pre-operative tests determine what the best option will be for each patient to live a healthy and pain-free lifestyle. The “Optimized Position System” utilizes a pre-surgical computer simulation to optimize the placement of the hip implants to avoid dislocation, early wear and uneven leg lengths. Dr. Kreuzer says that this technology is one of the most talked about inventions in hip surgery today.

Why Dan’s a Fan

“I think what the doctors at Memorial Hermann are doing is exceptional,” Pastorini said. “I’m both a patient and a fan. After having surgery with Dr. Kreuzer, my recovery was incredibly fast. I was in Ireland playing golf just three months after the operation and I haven’t had any pain whatsoever.”

At the Memorial Hermann Joint Center, the goal is to provide exceptional quality and individualized joint pain treatment. The physicians affiliated with the Joint Center specialize in the non-surgical and surgical treatment of joint pain and offer the most progressive standard of care available. Each year, Joint Center physicians perform more than 3,000 hip and knee joint replacement procedures across eight locations, more than any other hospital system in the Greater Houston area.

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