Concussion: It’s a girl thing, too

Concussion awareness is at an all-time high and that’s a good thing. The subject has been brought to the forefront of the sports world by the NFL and college football playoffs, as well as by the recently released major motion picture “Concussion” starring Will Smith. However, a major demographic isn’t represented by those headline grabbers: [Continue Reading]

Ten Tips for Running in Cold Weather

Don’t let the chilly weather stop you from running outside. Follow these ten easy tips on how to acclimate to changing temperatures provided by Alyson Ruggiero, M.S., Exercise Physiologist and Sport Biomechanist, and Kimberly Gandler, M.S., Biomechanist, with Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute. Hydration and electrolyte replacement are still important when it’s cold; consume [Continue Reading]

The Season of More: Battling Depression During the Holidays

The Season of More has begun. More food. More parties. More shopping. More family time. More traditions. More pressure. More stress. More drinking. More opportunities to drink. More opportunities to do drugs. More chances for accidents. The expectation for the holidays to be a time of overwhelming joy, cheer and happiness was set long ago [Continue Reading]