Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital Completes Phase One of the $10 million Emergency Center Expansion

nw er 1Completion of the first phase for the new state-of-the-art emergency and trauma center, located at the front of Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital, will open May 15th.  The 10 million dollar renovation will expand the emergency area by nearly 10,000 square feet, including 5 new ambulance bays. The new emergency center was designed to enhance the patient experience, while continuing to provide high quality patient care utilizing the areas leading health care emergency physicians, nurses and other health care providers.

Currently, the area consists of 26 patient rooms, 2 trauma rooms and one ambulance bay.

In Phase one, a new lobby registration will open. This will enable the patient to be registered faster, before moving to one of two new triage rooms that allow the patient to be seen twice as fast during peak hours. The hospital has added two triage nurses during peak hours to help with assessing the acuity of the patients. .

From the new triage room the patient will move to one of three assessment rooms. It is here where a preliminary examination by a mid-level practitioner takes place, and the decision made as to the level of care needed.

When all phases have been completed some other features of our new “ER” include:

  • Increased privacy of all patient rooms.
  • Significant re-design of the front lobby and how minor emergency patients are served.
  • Two trauma care rooms equipped with the latest medical technologies
  • New ER entrance in the North Tower
  • 1 Isolation room and 1 negative pressure room
  • Decontamination room
  • 2 stretcher waiting rooms to provide EMS patients increased privacy
  • Drop off area out front for patients and family members
  • Clean, comfortable, modern reception area
  • EMS lounge
  • Rapid medical evaluation area in the lobby

The renovations expected to be complete by spring 2014.