After Years of Battling Epilepsy, Cathy Gets Her Life Back with Minimally-Invasive Surgery

By Jade Waddy Cathy Streuding’s love for travel has taken her and her family across the globe. In September 2007, Streuding had just completed a 9-week course of anti-malaria medication to prepare for a family trip to Africa when she began experiencing breakthrough epileptic seizures. “I remember reading the side effects of the medication and [Continue Reading]

Ali Vise

Teen, ejected from a vehicle, is thankful for a second chance at life

By Jade Waddy An act of heroism sent 17-year-old Lacy Johnson down a path that would change her outlook on life. While on summer break from high school, Johnson was ejected from a vehicle she was a passenger in, after it lost control. “I took off my seatbelt to help the driver try to regain [Continue Reading]


Teen Athlete Born with Spina Bifida Represents Team USA in Wheelchair Racing

By Jade Waddy When you see Jacob Allen, 18, racing around the track you would never know he’s only been competing for three years. The Ukraine-born athlete was born with spina bifida, a birth defect that occurs when the spine and spinal cord don’t form properly. But that hasn’t stopped Allen from displaying tremendous athleticism [Continue Reading]


A Traumatic Brain Injury Stole Her Ability to Speak. Now, She’s Back to Teaching and Being a Mom to Her Three Boys

By Jade Waddy When fourth-grade math teacher Laura Chaffin and her husband, Bryan, decided to start a family, they knew they wanted to adopt. Their journey led them to Uganda, where they adopted their first son in 2014, and then, a year later, they decided to return to adopt their second son. By then, laws [Continue Reading]


Follow-Up Friday: From Overcoming a Rodeo Injury to Running a Half-Marathon

By Jade Waddy Four years ago, Tara Fox suffered a number of severe injuries while participating in a local rodeo series in her hometown. Tara and her horse, Cross, had cleared the first barrel of their race and were halfway through the second barrel, when Cross began to head straight toward the alleyway instead of [Continue Reading]


Infant Who Suffered 50 Seizures a Day Remains Seizure-Free Nearly Four Years Later

By Drew Munhausen As Wesley Robertson, 4, dashes happily across a room, laughing and playing with other children, it’s impossible to guess that he once suffered up to 50 seizures in a single day. Wesley was born with epilepsy that could not be controlled with medication. His parents, April and Scott Robertson, had accepted that [Continue Reading]