Minimally Invasive Surgery Relieves 12 Years of Pain

By Evan Koch Omonike Adewole’s swollen midsection dominated nearly every aspect of her life for more than a decade. The large bump, often mistaken as a pregnancy, impacted Omonike’s energy level, self-esteem, mobility, sleep patterns and much more.   During the day, Omonike worked through pain and exhaustion to put her four children through college. [Continue Reading]


Virtual Reality Equipping Clinicians To Care for the Patients of Today with the Technology of Tomorrow

By Shannon Dillon It’s just after 1 p.m. on a Wednesday and Emilia is in labor. Her physician has been paged, but is an hour away and fighting Houston traffic. Emilia’s labor pains intensify. She groans louder. There’s no time to wait. Three nurses spring into action, preparing supplies and putting on gloves and gowns. [Continue Reading]


Follow-Up Friday: From Overcoming a Rodeo Injury to Running a Half-Marathon

By Jade Waddy Four years ago, Tara Fox suffered a number of severe injuries while participating in a local rodeo series in her hometown. Tara and her horse, Cross, had cleared the first barrel of their race and were halfway through the second barrel, when Cross began to head straight toward the alleyway instead of [Continue Reading]


Reaching Your Peak by Perfecting Your Plate

Sports Dietitian Brett Singer Shares his Secrets on Crafting Menus for Athletes – Pros and Weekend Warriors Alike By Alyson Ward As a sports dietitian for Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute, Brett Singer might go from meetings to a gym to a soccer field sideline on any given day. Here’s a typical week in [Continue Reading]


Infant Who Suffered 50 Seizures a Day Remains Seizure-Free Nearly Four Years Later

By Drew Munhausen As Wesley Robertson, 4, dashes happily across a room, laughing and playing with other children, it’s impossible to guess that he once suffered up to 50 seizures in a single day. Wesley was born with epilepsy that could not be controlled with medication. His parents, April and Scott Robertson, had accepted that [Continue Reading]


Is Your Toddler Eating Too Much Sugar?

By Lauren Ladd, MS, RD, LD When it comes to overconsumption, Americans typically take the cake.  Unfortunately, our young ones are no exception. A recent study found that toddlers in the United States are consuming too much added sugar, putting their health and wellbeing at risk.  According to the World Health Organization, increased sugar intake [Continue Reading]

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