New Year, New Body: A Life-Changing Weight Loss Story

For much of her young adult life, Brenda Longoria struggled with being overweight. Like many, she tried many diets and programs available to help her to try to lose weight. “You name it and I probably tried it and no matter what, my weight continued to be an issue for me,” Brenda said.

In 2012, Brenda received her first wake-up call that she had to make a change when she was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Doctors prescribed her with medication to help with her diagnosis. However, her weight, a risk factor of high blood pressure, continued to be an issue.

Following the passing of her father, she knew she had to take control of her weight after being diagnosed with diabetes in June 2016. Despite her New Year’s resolution to eat better and exercise more, she still encountered a second life-changing diagnosis. “I remember when the doctor told me the results, I knew in that moment I didn’t want to get on any more medication and I had to make a serious change.”

Brenda’s physician recommended weight loss surgery and referred her to Dr. Fernando Miranda, bariatric surgeon affiliated with Memorial Hermann Southeast Hospital. To her surprise, she didn’t initially qualify for weight loss surgery because her weight was too high. She spent the next three months focused on losing weight to meet the requirements to receive the surgery. Once Dr. Miranda gave her the thumbs up that she could proceed with surgery, she began the pre-operation process of testing and evaluation.

On October 4, 2016, Brenda went into the operating room for what would become day one of her fresh start thanks to the NewStart Program. NewStart is a comprehensive surgical weight loss program offering a range of minimally invasive weight loss surgery options.

“October 4th is almost like a second birthday for me. I’m so thankful to have been able to take control of my health.” Prior to surgery, Brenda weighed approximately 210 pounds. Today, she weighs around 140 pounds. “I’m healthier and happier and, most importantly, I’m off all of the medications I was on prior to the surgery for diabetes and high blood pressure.”

While Brenda credits the surgery for her fresh start, she said life after surgery is where the real work began. “Thanks to the nutrition information I learned prior to the surgery, I’ve made lifestyle changes that continue to help me lose and keep the weight off. I’ve changed the way I eat with smaller portions, more protein, veggies and watching my carbohydrates, and I’ve incorporated more exercise into my life,” said Brenda.

“Sometimes it takes different events in our lives to finally get us to make a change. I’m thankful I took the step to make my health a priority and I encourage anyone in a similar situation to do the same,” she added.

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  1. Some people think that weight loss surgery is an easy out. This is not true. It is only a tool and you my dear have done the work to get where you are today. It is a life changing event. Congratulations! Well done!

  2. Brenda’s story is one that many of us can relate to! Thank you for being an inspiration for positive changes!

  3. Way to go B.J. You are an inspiration to all and your bubbly personality is infectious. Stay true to your heart.


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