Reaching Your Peak by Perfecting Your Plate

Sports Dietitian Brett Singer Shares his Secrets on Crafting Menus for Athletes – Pros and Weekend Warriors Alike By Alyson Ward As a sports dietitian for Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute, Brett Singer might go from meetings to a gym to a soccer field sideline on any given day. Here’s a typical week in [Continue Reading]


Coping Through Compassion and Volunteerism: Hometown Healing Marks First Anniversary

By Shannon Dillon | It’s 99 degrees outside, but feels like 108. It’s early August and the sun is bearing down on 45 volunteers as they work in the Burbank neighborhood in north Houston collecting trash and debris from alongside sidewalks, shoveling and tilling soil for a new butterfly garden, and holding steady a wooden [Continue Reading]


Infant Who Suffered 50 Seizures a Day Remains Seizure-Free Nearly Four Years Later

By Drew Munhausen As Wesley Robertson, 4, dashes happily across a room, laughing and playing with other children, it’s impossible to guess that he once suffered up to 50 seizures in a single day. Wesley was born with epilepsy that could not be controlled with medication. His parents, April and Scott Robertson, had accepted that [Continue Reading]


After Devastating Injury, Physical Therapy Leads Gymnast to Nationals

By Drew Munhausen In May 2018, 10-year-old Emily was demonstrating a series of back handsprings in her yard. She had been involved in competitive gymnastics for a few years, competing regionally with goals to compete at a national level. On the last handspring, Emily’s elbow dislocated, causing her excruciating pain. An emergency room trip ended [Continue Reading]


A First-Time Mother Overcomes Breastfeeding Challenges

By Evan Koch Ashley Bingham was looking forward to breastfeeding her daughter, Cydnee. A prenatal breastfeeding class at Memorial Hermann Northeast Hospital reinforced what Bingham had read about the health benefits of breast milk and why it was the globally accepted standard for nourishing infants. As a first-time mother, Bingham was especially optimistic that breastfeeding [Continue Reading]


Follow-Up Friday: Back in uniform after being a trauma patient

By Jade Waddy Officer Nestor Garcia’s dream of being a police officer was tragically put on hold when he was struck by a vehicle traveling at a high rate of speed during a routine traffic stop in 2017. Garcia underwent lifesaving surgery at the Red Duke Trauma Institute at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center, where they [Continue Reading]

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