From Brain Injury to Graduations, Sid Fights to Be There for His Family

For Navy veteran Sid Lord, being active was always a part of his life. The former airline pilot would use layovers to run triathlons and marathons across the world. “I’ve always been active whether it was running, biking or just moving with my kids,” said Lord, 53. In early 2018, Lord was biking in his [Continue Reading]

Woman Gets Her Life Back After Innovative Procedure to Treat Her Asthma

Wanda Oropeza’s severe adult-onset asthma kept her confined to her home like a prisoner. “I couldn’t do anything. I couldn’t play with my grandkids. I couldn’t run errands. I kept ending up in the emergency room with respiratory failure. I was at the point where I was about to start making funeral arrangements,” Oropeza remembers. [Continue Reading]

Is Your Toddler Eating Too Much Sugar?

By Lauren Ladd, MS, RD, LD When it comes to overconsumption, Americans typically take the cake.  Unfortunately, our young ones are no exception. A recent study found that toddlers in the United States are consuming too much added sugar, putting their health and wellbeing at risk.  According to the World Health Organization, increased sugar intake [Continue Reading]

Cypress Man Saves His Leg Using Treatment Designed for Deep Sea Divers

Huey McCoulskey nearly lost his leg after developing an infection from a small wound on his toe. But the Cypress man, who has diabetes, was able to save himself from an amputation thanks to an advanced wound care treatment originally designed to treat deep sea divers suffering from decompression sickness, or “the bends.” “Ever since [Continue Reading]

Becoming a New Mom Again, 19 Years Later

As a mother of three girls, Noor Alam knew a thing or two about pregnancy. But when she and her husband found out she was pregnant at age 44 with their fourth child, 19 years after the birth of their first, she knew things would be a little different this time around. “I think our [Continue Reading]