Just a Dream?

Many of us have experienced a truly terrifying nightmare. One minute you’re in a deep sleep, and the next you’re jolted awake and overcome with fear or panic. It might even take a while for your mind to process what happened and attempt to ease back into sleep. But what is really taking place in [Continue Reading]

On the Sidelines for Friday Night Lights

To say football is “big” in Texas is an understatement.  SBNation ranks Texas in the top five recruiting states for top high school talent.  Part of training powerhouse players includes keeping them safe and healthy during the season. Memorial Hermann serves as the official health care provider for many of the school districts’ athletic programs [Continue Reading]

Making Healthcare More Accountable for Patients and Payers

Carol Robicheaux describes herself as a “very young 70.” These days, she’s feeling better because she’s more knowledgeable, more engaged and more empowered about her health. A year ago, her outlook wasn’t so positive. Back then, life for her was a revolving door of emergency room visits and hospital stays to address blood pressure, pneumonia [Continue Reading]

2-D or 3-D Mammography, Which is Right for You?

Everyone agrees that early detection of breast cancer leads to early treatment and cures.  Starting at age 40, yearly mammograms can detect tumors before they can spread outside the breast. For breast cancer screening, there are different types of mammography available. Breast tomosynthesis or 3-D mammography takes multiple images at different angles and then the [Continue Reading]

Halloween Safety Tips So Simple, They’re Scary

The sun begins to set, the street lights pop on, and hoards of miniature monsters and pint-sized ghouls descend on the neighborhood, running door-to-door to fill their plastic jack-o’-lanterns. For weeks, kids and families count down the days to Halloween, carefully planning out their costumes and stocking up on oversize bags of sweets. Did you [Continue Reading]

Deciphering the A, B, C and D of Medicare Advantage Plans

For some seniors, the start of the Annual Election Period (AEP) – which began October 15 and runs through December 7 – for Medicare Advantage Plans has become an annual ritual fraught with perplexity and some anxiety. Even the savviest seniors can have trouble decoding the maze of confusing alphabets and the dozens of Medicare [Continue Reading]