Fourth of July Safety Tips to Keep You Out of the ER

What would the Fourth of July be without fireworks, barbecues and outdoor activities?    It’s these very same activities that can make the holiday a dangerous one for many folks.  Did you know  according to the National Safety Council, Independence Day is one of the most dangerous holiday weekends of the year? That’s why emergency medicine [Continue Reading]

Back From The Brink: Saving Her Child From Drowning

When Melissa and James Larkin had a swimming pool installed in their backyard several years ago, they briefly considered adding a safety net or installing a tall, latched gate around the water, but decided the additional protective measures were unnecessary.  It was a decision they would come to regret. The family had placed childproof locks [Continue Reading]

5 Things The ER Doc Won’t Be Doing This Summer

Summer is the season of outdoor fun and events. It’s also the season in which injuries are most common according to the Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC). As an emergency medicine physician affiliated with Memorial Hermann Sugar Land Hospital and Memorial Hermann Convenient Care Center in Sienna Plantation, Dr. David Wong sees many injuries that with [Continue Reading]

Mental Health: Start the Conversation and End the Stigma

Far from being alone, people who experience mental health disorders often feel that way due in part to the stigma surrounding mental illness.  It is usually discussed in hushed tones or with words that further the negative stereotypes:  weak-minded, loony, weird, nuts, crazy and psycho. The whispered comments and derogatory labels are major factors in [Continue Reading]

Hydration 101 for Athletes

While Monday marked the first day of summer, the heat and humidity have been upon us for some time.  As temperatures continue to rise, greater stress is put on the body to remove heat and stay cool – even among the fittest athletes.  Water and other fluids are essential not only to keep athletes safe [Continue Reading]