Today, and Every Day, We Celebrate Trauma Survivors

As Adessa Ellis lay unconscious and barely breathing on the shoulder of the highway, the only sign of life was the intermittent blink of the tiny heart symbol on her sports watch. Just seconds earlier, Ellis had been cycling with her best friend on a training ride for her latest Ironman competition. Ellis was in [Continue Reading]

Do you Kangaroo? Five Benefits of Skin-to-Skin

By Jessica Oliveira, BSN, RN, CPN, Education Resource Specialist, Children’s Memorial Hermann Memorial City [Kang-guh–roo] noun A method of caring for a newborn in which the baby is held, clad only in a diaper, against the bare chest of a parent. synonyms skin-to-skin, cuddle, nestle, snoozle, snuggle “Ma’am, would you like to kangaroo with your [Continue Reading]

Healthcare Superstitions

A superstition is the supernatural belief that one occurrence might be related to a different occurrence, even if there is no proof that the two things are related at all. If you’re the superstitious type, today –Friday the 13th – might be a daunting day for you because of the date’s unofficial association with “unlucky” [Continue Reading]

Why I Am a Nurse at Memorial Hermann

Each day nearly 9,000 nurses provide care and support to the thousands of patients who visit Memorial Hermann. From working in our emergency departments in time of crises to helping patients re-build strength at TIRR Memorial Hermann, Memorial Hermann nurses are truly the backbone of our operations. To celebrate Nurses Week, we asked some of [Continue Reading]

From Mother to Daughter: Careers in Nursing

Every day, in Memorial Hermann hospitals and clinics across the city, women come to work and dedicate their time to care for patients in the same loving and compassionate way they treat their own children. This Mother’s Day, Memorial Hermann would like to extend a big “Thank You” to all of our hard-working moms across [Continue Reading]