Cycling Tips for BP MS 150 Riders

If you’re one of the 13,000 cyclists riding in the BP MS 150 on Saturday, do you know why this is not the weekend to try new foods?  Are you aware of how eating foods that are off-temperature can play havoc with your digestive system?  And what can the color of your urine tell you [Continue Reading]

Taking A Stand Against Child Abuse

The statistics are sobering. Last year, more than 66,000 Texas children became victims of child abuse and neglect, according to the latest report from the Texas Department of Family and Protective Services. The Houston area alone counted more than 6,000 victims, the agency found. And the consequences are dire. Survivors of maltreatment face lifelong emotional, [Continue Reading]

Turning Tragedy into Hope for Suicide Headache Sufferers

Although believed to be rare, cluster headaches are one of the most painful types of headache and, for that reason, are also sometimes referred to as “suicide headaches.” Houstonians Pam and Jimmy Erwin know only too well how debilitating and life-changing cluster headaches and migraines can be.  Their son, Will, suffered from cluster headaches. With [Continue Reading]

Therapy dogs bring joy to patients

As Angel, Moose and Andie make their rounds through Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, people stop and smile. Frowns transform into wide grins. Eyes light up. Patients struggling with the overwhelming weight of sickness and pain suddenly find themselves breaking into giggles. Some of the best healers don’t have medical degrees or wear scrubs. Instead, these [Continue Reading]

Under Attack from Seasonal Allergies?

While the colors and sounds of spring are a welcome change from the cold of winter, what we don’t welcome with open arms is the start of spring allergy season. Experts are predicting that spring allergy season may be lasting longer now due to climate change. We talked with Cary Moorhead, M.D., an otolaryngologist with [Continue Reading]