Here’s to Safer New Year’s Celebrations

New Year’s Eve is a time to celebrate with friends and family, reflect back on a wonderful year and look forward to what’s to come. However, it’s important to make sure you stay safe while celebrating and that begins far before the clock strikes midnight. Dr. Samuel Prater, UTHealth emergency medicine physician and Medical Director [Continue Reading]

A New Heart for Christian

A healthy, athletic teenager, Christian was used to physical challenges. He had been a decorated swimmer and played basketball, baseball, football and soccer most of his life. During a family vacation in Colorado in August 2014, he and his family were faced with the greatest challenge of his young life. Christian began experiencing flu-like symptoms [Continue Reading]

Diabetic-Friendly Holiday Recipes and Tips

If you or someone you know is diabetic, the holidays can be especially challenging with all the traveling, festivities and tempting desserts and other delicious foods. Traditional dishes served at holiday gatherings can be pleasing to the palate but present health conflicts with sometimes serious consequences for those with diabetes. We’ve gathered some helpful tips for [Continue Reading]

The Season of More: Battling Depression During the Holidays

The Season of More has begun. More food. More parties. More shopping. More family time. More traditions. More pressure. More stress. More drinking. More opportunities to drink. More opportunities to do drugs. More chances for accidents. The expectation for the holidays to be a time of overwhelming joy, cheer and happiness was set long ago [Continue Reading]

Holiday Eating Tips for Athletes

Holiday Eating Tips for Athletes Athletes of every age and skill level prepare for practices, training sessions, competitions and entire sports seasons. Eating season is no exception. Yes, eating season. More commonly known as the holiday season, the holiday eating season kicks off with Halloween candy and gets into full swing at Thanksgiving before barreling [Continue Reading]