Facing the World

Reyli Hernandez is a fun-loving, 10-year-old boy who enjoys running and playing with his friends and family. He dreams of becoming a doctor when he grows up, maybe because Reyli has spent much of his young life surrounded by doctors, having undergone more surgeries in 10 years than most will experience in a lifetime. Born [Continue Reading]

Flesh-eating Bacteria: Experts Weigh In

With several reports in the news of people infected with “flesh-eating bacteria” recently,  Gulf Coast area residents are asking if they should be concerned. Infectious disease specialists affiliated with Memorial Hermann want to make sure people have the facts. We took the most frequently asked questions about this disease straight to the experts. Q: What [Continue Reading]

Back From The Brink: Saving Her Child From Drowning

When Melissa and James Larkin had a swimming pool installed in their backyard several years ago, they briefly considered adding a safety net or installing a tall, latched gate around the water, but decided the additional protective measures were unnecessary.  It was a decision they would come to regret. The family had placed childproof locks [Continue Reading]

Football Pro Devon Still Surprises New Dad at Hospital

This Father’s Day was already guaranteed to be extra special for Ibrahim Khawaja. Nestled in a room with his wife on the sixth floor of Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, the Houston attorney was still celebrating the birth of his third child and first son, an occasion so momentous that Khawaja brought a box of monogrammed [Continue Reading]

Breast Cancer in Men

When 54-year-old Realtor Vern Oakum first noticed a pebble-size lump near his left armpit, he disregarded it. “But it never went away,” says Oakum. Over six months, the lump grew to golf-ball size and was sore when he lay on his side. “I was a typical man,” he admits. “I procrastinated about going to the [Continue Reading]