Going Back to College with a New Heart

By Meredith Whittemore “Ma’am, do you know why I pulled you over?” It’s the question drivers worry will soon be followed by a traffic citation. But Shelby Rab’s driver had a unique reason for speeding that gained her leniency. “She told the officer, ‘We’ve got to get to Houston to get her a new heart!’ [Continue Reading]


When Strep Throat Could Signal Something More Serious: Shelby’s Story

By Meredith Whittemore Strep throat. It was the diagnosis Shelby Boatwright received over and over. In fact, she was diagnosed with the illness eight times in the winter of 2017-18. It turned out to be the illness that helped her discover something much more serious: thyroid cancer. “I was tired of getting strep again and [Continue Reading]

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“Warrior Baby” Overcomes Onslaught of Health Challenges before Her First Birthday

By Evan Koch Peyton McNeel is a happy baby. She loves talking to elephants at the zoo, watching her family’s dog and cat, and listening to her dad, Andrew, play guitar. Behind Peyton’s glowing smile, dimpled chin and dark hazel eyes is a fighting spirit as innate as her affability. “Peyton is my miracle,” said [Continue Reading]

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How an Afternoon Preparing Lunch Turned Tragic

By Jade Waddy It was a normal weekend afternoon, when Solomon Benghan decided to prepare lunch for himself and his fiancée. He opted for beef crispitos, one of his favorite Mexican meals, which involves frying a wrapped tortilla filled with beef, cheese and condiments. “I poured oil in the pot, enough to submerge the crispitos, [Continue Reading]

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Our Affiliated Physicians Weren’t Fooled By these “Tricky” Diseases

By Meredith Whittemore April Fool’s Day can be accompanied by pranks or practical jokes, meant to scare or surprise its victims. But illnesses trying to stay hidden away are no match for our affiliated physicians. Read more on some of the unusual, uncommon, and unexpected diagnoses made by our specialists. Rare Spinal Disorder Tried to [Continue Reading]

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Angelina’s Angry Outbursts Were Baffling. A School Clinic Helped Make Sense of Them.

By Rhiannon Collette It all started with a simple ear infection. After spending a vacation swimming with her family, Angelina, 13, developed a nagging ear pain that wouldn’t go away. Her parents, self-employed small business owners, couldn’t afford insurance for their children, so Angelina’s mom, Brooke Loveless, searched fruitlessly to find a clinic that would [Continue Reading]

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