Gloria Suarez doesn’t let life-changing paralysis stop her from participating in her first marathon

By Jade Waddy Gloria Suarez’s motivation and determination are inspiring. Five years ago, Suarez began experiencing unexplainable back pain. “The pain was so unbearable, I went to the emergency room and was basically unable to stand up,” Suarez said. Doctors eventually discovered a tumor on her spine and several months later she would undergo surgery [Continue Reading]

Ali Vise

Ali Vise

Victoria Duran’s experience as a patient on Memorial Hermann Life Flight led her to pursue a career in emergency medical services

By Jade Waddy Victoria Duran’s excitement for meeting the men and women who played a role in saving her life could be seen on her bright smile. A terrifying Easter Sunday On Easter Sunday 2012, Duran and her family were involved in a serious motor vehicle collision in Baytown, 26 miles south of Houston. The [Continue Reading]

Ali Vise

Man with Parkinson’s Sets Sights on IRONMAN Race

By Drew Munhausen Just over five years ago, Matt Kintzele noticed a twitch in his left thumb. Over time, the twitch got worse and slowly progressed into his hand. Kintzele, at age 46, was diagnosed with early onset Parkinson’s disease. “I was active before my diagnosis, exercising about three times a week,” Kintzele said. “But [Continue Reading]

Ali Vise

Follow-Up Friday: Teenager Abigail Now Thriving a Year After Heart Surgery

The possibility Abigail Franklin could lead an active, healthy lifestyle absent of heart transplant before she turned 30 years old was at one time inconceivable to her family. And when John and Eve Franklin’s middle child began experiencing the early stages of heart failure at age 15, it seemed altogether impossible. But a life-saving surgery [Continue Reading]

Derek Kelsheimer

Saving Austyn’s Arm

By Natasha Barrett One little girl and her mother stood at their hospital room door eagerly waiting. “He’s right there!” another girl yelled. The dog’s furry tail wagged happily from side to side while walking down the hallway of Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital as kids waited to catch a glimpse of Dexter, the golden retriever [Continue Reading]