Equipping Civilians on How to “Stop the Bleed” One Training at a Time

By Jade Waddy In 2018, Red Duke Trauma Institute at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center and Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital partnered with area trauma care providers to provide free bleeding control training to more than 1,300 people throughout the Greater Houston area. “It is important for those who are on scene first or those who witness [Continue Reading]


A Family’s Journey With Cleft Inspires Them To Help Others

By Evan Koch Katherine and Richard Rose responded directly to the diagnosis their son, Luke, would be born with cleft palate.  “We decided to tackle the issue head-on and find the best care and the best plastic surgeon possible for Luke,” Katherine Rose said. One of the most common birth defects, cleft palate can severely [Continue Reading]


Measles is Highly Contagious. Here’s How to Protect Your Family

By Rhiannon Collette On the heels of an announcement this week that measles cases have been identified in the Greater Houston region, many parents are wondering what they can do to best protect their children, especially those too young to have been fully vaccinated yet. While measles is a highly contagious disease that is easily [Continue Reading]

Ali Vise

Parents are Hoarding Leftover Antibiotics. That’s a Problem.

By Rhiannon Collette In a recent survey, nearly half of parents reported holding on to leftover antibiotics after completing a course of treatment and often distributing the medications to other sick members of their household without consulting a doctor first. That can be hugely problematic for many reasons, according to Dr. Michael Chang, UTHealth pediatric infectious diseases [Continue Reading]

Ali Vise

Sending Your Kids Back to School? Risks Every Parent Should Know.

By Karen Thompson MSN, APRN, Pediatric emergency medicine nurse practitioner affiliated with Children’s Memorial Hermann at  Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center Now that school is back in session, local kids are resuming their studies and extra-curricular activities. While most parents  focused on ensuring their children had adequate school supplies and a new outfit for the first [Continue Reading]

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Getting ready for back to school? Put well-child visits at the top of your list.

New parents feel great pride in taking their baby to the doctor’s office for frequent checkups, watching as their baby grows and thrives, and tracking developmental milestones together with their pediatrician. As the time between visits lengthens and the list of regularly scheduled vaccines shortens, this relationship starts to change. Parents of school-age children tend [Continue Reading]

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