Follow-Up Friday: Preparing For a Marathon after Losing 215 Pounds

By Drew Munhausen A challenge to eat 18 hot dogs in one sitting at a Houston Astros game eventually led Amer Ismail to completely change his lifestyle. Healthy eating and a more active exercise routine led Ismail to lose more than 215 pounds. Ismail always dreamed of living an active lifestyle. According to Ismail, he [Continue Reading]


Follow-Up Friday: Inspiring family and friends to have their own “new start”

By Jade Waddy Brenda Longoria still beams when she states her weight loss surgery was the best decision she ever made for her health. Longoria previously shared her weight loss journey with the EveryDay Well Blog. “After I shared my story, so many people approached me asking for advice,” Longoria said. “I told everyone the [Continue Reading]

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A Hot Dog Eating Challenge Leads Man to Drop 200 Pounds

By Drew Munhausen A few years ago at a Houston Astros game on Dollar Dog Night, a friend challenged Amer Ismail to eat 18 hot dogs in one sitting. Ismail, who weighed approximately 470 pounds at the time, accepted the challenge. “People took photos and made Facebook posts of me eating 18 hot dogs,” Ismail [Continue Reading]


Is Your Weight Putting You at Higher Risk of Getting Cancer?

By Meredith Whittemore While the American Cancer Society’s latest report is celebrating a decline in cancer deaths overall, some cancers linked to obesity tell a different story. The report says death rates from cancer have dropped 27 percent over the past 25 years. Much of that drop is attributed to a reduction in smoking, and [Continue Reading]

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Houston Couple Loses a Combined 250 Pounds Through NewStart

By Drew Munhausen Garrett and Dynae Lorenz were married in August 2016, about a year before they would both undergo life-changing procedures through Memorial Hermann’s NewStart program. Choosing to Make a New Start Together NewStart is a comprehensive, patient-centered surgical weight loss program offered at five Memorial Hermann locations in Greater Houston. Both Garrett and Dynae [Continue Reading]

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Is Obesity Raising Your Risk of Cancer?

Most people know that obesity, which is defined as having an unhealthy amount of body fat, greatly increases your risk of developing diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease, sleep apnea or stroke. But did you know that  obesity also increases the risk of many cancers? According to some research, about 100,000 new cases of cancer [Continue Reading]

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