Interested in a Fitness Assessment?

Your body is a machine.  To discover what pro athletes know about how to make their bodies run at peak efficiency, we turned to the Human Performance experts at Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute.  Because athletes of all ages and abilities can benefit from nutrition counseling, performance testing and training services, here’s what you need to know about services available to improve your game, prevent injuries and reach the next level of fitness.

Sport Nutrition Assessment and Consultation determines an athlete’s nutrition needs based on body type, sport, metabolic rate, and short- and long-term performance goals. Each consultation is unique to each athlete and includes specific recommendations to help athletes reach and maintain peak performance.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR) Measurement tells you the amount of calories your body burns when at rest. Additional calories are added to the RMR to determine total calories needed per day.  Knowing your RMR is essential for weight management and nutrition planning.

Body Composition Analysis uses hydrostatic weighing to measure the amount of fat versus lean tissue as a percentage of your total weight. Body mass and body composition can be improved through nutrition and exercise.

Fitness Testing for Athletes of All Sports

Whether you’re a distance runner, football player, gymnast, soccer player, a cyclist or triathlete, success begins with understanding the key role nutrition plays in achieving athletic performance.  Knowing exactly how many calories you expend per hour when cycling or running can help you plan your nutrition for each ride or run. It can be calculated at various speeds while you run on a treadmill or while you ride your bicycle on a training conveyor.

Watch a Pro Undergo a Fitness Assessment

Watch how the exercise physiologists, strength and condition coaches and nutritionists at Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute in Houston work with Kelly Williamson, pro triathlete and 2014 IRONMAN Texas Women’s Champion, as she undergoes a head-to-toe fitness assessment.

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