A Look Back at Our Most Popular Patient Stories in 2018

By Meredith Whittemore

This year, Memorial Hermann celebrated the resiliency of the human spirit. Many of our blogs highlighted patients who overcame serious medical conditions and found themselves smiling on the other side. As 2018 comes to a close, Memorial Hermann is taking a moment to look back at some of our blog posts that resonated most with our readers. May these remarkable, uplifting patient stories inspire and raise your spirits as we head into 2019. In case you missed them earlier, here’s a chance to see why they meant so much to so many.

New Year, New Body: A Life-Changing Weight Loss Story

For much of her young adult life, Brenda Longoria struggled with being overweight. Like many, she tried many diets and programs available to help her to try to lose weight. “You name it and I probably tried it and no matter what, my weight continued to be an issue for me,” Brenda said.

In 2012, Brenda received her first wake-up call that she had to make a change when she was diagnosed with high blood pressure. Doctors prescribed her with medication to help with her diagnosis. However, her weight, a risk factor of high blood pressure, continued to be an issue. Continue Reading>

My Daughter’s Life Changed in the Blink of an Eye After Being Shot and Left to Die

My 19-year-old daughter, Jamie Richards Hogland, was shot in the face on the night of Dec. 10, 2017, and left to die in her apartment. After four long hours, she was eventually found by a neighbor. Jamie was airlifted to John Peter Smith Hospital in Fort Worth, where we were informed that she was quadriplegic and her spine had been shattered and spinal cord severed, along with many other serious health concerns. On Dec. 27, 2017, she was stable enough to be flown by air ambulance to TIRR Memorial Hermann  to begin the first phase of her rehabilitation. Continue Reading>

Back in the Game–Just in Time for Friday Night Lights

Last year was one of the most challenging years my family has ever experienced, but let me back up.

We are the Myers family. My husband, Monty, and I are the proud parents of two children.  Ian, who is a senior in high school and Emily, is a sophomore at Texas A&M.  This story is about Ian.

Nearly four years ago, Ian started at St. Thomas High School.  During his freshman year, he discovered two passions – football and wrestling.  However, during wrestling season, he experienced his first injury. Continue Reading>

From a traumatic Brain Injury patient to a Memorial Hermann Employee

Becoming Universal Studio’s biggest franchise of all time, the Fast and the Furious is a series of action films about illegal street racing. Driving on the highways and roads of Houston sometimes seems no different from being among the fast and furious either.

Houston’s population growth and suburban sprawl has led to more cars on the road, longer commutes and frequent congestion. As a result, Houston has the highest number of motor vehicle collisions among cities in the state of Texas, with Harris County earning the worst statistics in the nation for over a decade. Continue Reading>

Saving Her Valentine from a Deadly ‘Widowmaker’ Heart Attack

It’s a milestone that many couples dream of achieving: 50 years of marriage.

“We met at Kansas State University and got married in 1965. Since then, we’ve had plenty of joyful times like the birth of our two sons and four beautiful grandchildren. But we’ve also faced things like a miscarriage, unemployment and cancer,” says Lonna Turner. Continue Reading>

Knowing When to Take Your Son to the ER: One Mom’s Story

If you have a teenage boy in your house, you probably already know how challenging it can be to get him to express his feelings on any given day. Sometimes, all moms have to go on is our intuition. In our case, my motherly instincts and a gut feeling that something was seriously wrong may have saved our son from a more serious situation. Continue Reading>

ADHD Treatment in School Helps Children Make the Grade

Lisandro’s kindergarten teacher was the first to notice it.

The 5-year-old was often too restless to absorb his lessons, his attention span was short and he was struggling to keep up with his classmates. He didn’t know his letters or his numbers – milestones that should be reached by his age – and he couldn’t write his name. Continue Reading>

This Prostate Cancer Survivor Has Important Advice for Other Men

Larry Yeglin isn’t afraid to share the story of his cancer journey. “I’ve found many men are reluctant to talk about prostate cancer. Luckily for me, a good friend of mine mentored me through the process. Now I hope to do the same for others,” says Yeglin.

It was 2015 when blood work revealed elevated levels of prostate-specific antigen, or PSA, an indicator of potential prostate cancer. A biopsy confirmed the diagnosis, and Yeglin met with Andrew Selzman,  MD, a urologist with Memorial Hermann Medical Group Memorial City Urology. He remembers facing an important choiceContinue Reading>

From the NICU to the Swimming Pool: Preemie Heart Surgery Patient Making a Big Splash

Alexandra “Alex” Merhan’s trip to the pool in mid-August was a milestone event for many reasons.

After more than a year of swim lessons, the 3-year-old was skilled and confident enough to join her instructor in the water for the first time without either of her parents by her side. But the occasion was extra special for Pamela and Matthew Merhan, benchmarking just how much progress their daughter has made since she was born more than two months premature with a congenital heart defect at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center. Continue Reading>

Four for the Fourth: Houston Couple Welcomes Quadruplets Home from the Hospital

One Southwest Houston family has four reasons to celebrate this Fourth of July. This Independence Day, Linda and Thomas Agi welcomed home newborn quadruplets from the Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU), four weeks after they made their debut in the world.

The three girls and one boy were born June 1, with two weighing less than three pounds and two others weighing just shy of four pounds. Mercy Grace Dotuchowo, Adriel Wohuowo, Amaris Owopoha and Zephania Ohoyenta spent several weeks gaining their strength in the Level III NICU before they were able to successfully transition home with their parents. Continue Reading>

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