Road to Recovery: After a motorcycle crash, Mathew Craft overcame challenges by focusing on finding joy.

Nine years ago, Mathew Craft was riding his motorcycle on a county road in Dayton, Texas, northeast of Houston, when he was struck by a turning car.  “I don’t remember flying over the top of the car,” he says. “But I remember hitting the ground, square on my chest. It sucked the wind out of [Continue Reading]

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Restarting a Heart: In cases of cardiac arrest, quick intervention can save a life — even if you have no medical training.

By Jennifer Latson When someone’s heart stops beating, acting quickly can mean the difference between life and death. More than 350,000 cardiac arrests occur outside of hospitals each year, according to the American Heart Association, and 90 percent of those sudden cardiac arrests prove fatal. But they don’t have to be. Immediate CPR, or cardiopulmonary [Continue Reading]

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After a Sudden Stroke, a Family’s Beloved Dog Rushes to the Rescue

By Alexandra Becker The dogs had been acting strange for a few days, but Sheryl Stofel and her husband, Tony, hadn’t given it much thought. Perhaps they were just tired, or a little bored, either of which could have explained their peculiar, needy behavior. The way Sheryl remembers it, they wouldn’t leave Tony’s side, especially [Continue Reading]

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Celebrating Women’s History Month: Michelle Hanna’s Courage Through Multiple Storms

By Hannah Pietsch In 1991, Michelle Hanna was a busy young mom. Her husband owned his own business, and Hanna managed their retail store while caring for two young sons until a June evening changed the course of her life. “I was going to a friend’s house when a drunk driver hit me from behind,” [Continue Reading]

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“A Second Chance At Life” UTHealth Surgeons at Memorial Hermann are First in Texas to Perform Double Lung Transplant on Patient Whose Lungs Were Damaged by COVID-19

by: George Kovacik Francisco Medellin is a retired construction worker who was going about living his life, enjoying his nine children and 32 grandchildren and taking care of his wife. Back in June, however, life threw him a curve ball. The 70-year old began experiencing breathing problems. He went to his primary care doctor and [Continue Reading]


“You Are All Warriors” – COVID-19 Survivor Believes Doctor’s Attitude Helped Pull Him Through

By George Kovacik One day in late June, Danny Davis felt like he had the flu. He had the chills, a mild fever and felt very tired. His doctor prescribed some antibiotics and he began to feel much better. However, a couple of nights later, he woke up and was having trouble breathing. It got [Continue Reading]

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