Can’t stand the sound of people chewing? It might be misophonia.

If the sound of someone eating chips makes you want to run out of the room screaming, you could have misophonia. The disorder is characterized by extreme emotional reactions to everyday sounds, like that of other people chewing, talking or even breathing. While many of us get irritated when we hear someone slurping their soup [Continue Reading]

Ali Vise

Spring Break and Sexual Assault: How to Reduce Your Risk

Spring break can be a time to let loose and unwind from the rigors of the academic year. But it can also increase the risk of sexual assault for young people, who aren’t always on guard against danger in the midst of a party. Over half of women and almost a third of men in [Continue Reading]

Ali Vise

Tricks (and Treats!) to Keep Halloween 2021 Safe and Fun

By Alexandra Becker Last year, Halloween night was especially ghoulish as families struggled to keep traditions alive while also protecting their children and themselves from COVID-19. From ingenious contraptions for safely distributing candy to socially distanced costume contests to altogether cancelled plans, it was certainly a grave evening compared to Halloweens past. But this year, [Continue Reading]

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5 Important Reminders This Holiday Season

There is a lot on everyone’s minds during the holidays and safety should be at the top of the list. Here are some important and safe reminders this holiday season. Check your airbag’s status as part of your travel plans. The United States Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) issued the Takata [Continue Reading]

Tashika Varma


This Black Friday, Fill Your Cart with These Doctor-Approved Healthcare Essentials.

By Rhiannon Collette Planning on hitting the shops today to score some sweet Black Friday deals? While health and wellness products may not necessarily top your wish list, the busiest shopping day of the year is the perfect time to stock up on deeply discounted essentials to keep your family well. Along with the typical gifts that [Continue Reading]

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