As the weather warms up, kidney stones are more likely to form. Here’s how you can reduce your risk.

Kidney stones are common — and notoriously painful. About 11 percent of men and 6 percent of women in the United States experience kidney stones at least once in their life, and those numbers are rising, according to the National Institutes of Health. The bad news is that, in most cases, you won’t know you [Continue Reading]

Ali Vise

“Different Than Anything in My Career”

Amabir Mattewal, M.D., Medical Director of the ICU, Memorial Hermann The Woodlands Medical Center, Describes His Life Treating Patients During COVID-19 Working in the ICU I thought I had seen everything. However, when COVID-19 hit Houston extremely hard in mid-June, it was nothing like anything I have experienced in my career. We were fortunate by [Continue Reading]


Grandfather Will Attend Granddaughter’s Wedding Cancer-Free Thanks to Efficient Treatment

By Drew Munhausen Rick Brown can’t wait to see his granddaughter walk down the aisle at her wedding. “If it wasn’t for my doctors at Memorial Hermann, I might not be able to see it,” Brown said. In March, Brown’s family medicine doctor at Memorial Hermann Medical Group League City Primary Care, Chris Simpson, MD, [Continue Reading]


Minimally Invasive Surgery Relieves 12 Years of Pain

By Evan Koch Omonike Adewole’s swollen midsection dominated nearly every aspect of her life for more than a decade. The large bump, often mistaken as a pregnancy, impacted Omonike’s energy level, self-esteem, mobility, sleep patterns and much more.   During the day, Omonike worked through pain and exhaustion to put her four children through college. [Continue Reading]


Virtual Reality Equipping Clinicians To Care for the Patients of Today with the Technology of Tomorrow

By Shannon Dillon It’s just after 1 p.m. on a Wednesday and Emilia is in labor. Her physician has been paged, but is an hour away and fighting Houston traffic. Emilia’s labor pains intensify. She groans louder. There’s no time to wait. Three nurses spring into action, preparing supplies and putting on gloves and gowns. [Continue Reading]


Coping Through Compassion and Volunteerism: Hometown Healing Marks First Anniversary

By Shannon Dillon | It’s 99 degrees outside, but feels like 108. It’s early August and the sun is bearing down on 45 volunteers as they work in the Burbank neighborhood in north Houston collecting trash and debris from alongside sidewalks, shoveling and tilling soil for a new butterfly garden, and holding steady a wooden [Continue Reading]