Pregnant with Breast Cancer: Marcela’s Story

In August 2015, Marcela Rodriguez was 19 weeks pregnant with her third child when she noticed a lump on her breast. “I honestly didn’t think much of it at first,” Marcela said. “But I decided to mention it to my OB/Gyn the next time I was at the clinic.” Rodriguez’s mention of the lump led [Continue Reading]

Tashika Varma

Wear Teal Out Day: Overcoming Ovarian Cancer

“I learned a lot about myself, life in general, how special the people are around me and most of all, what I am grateful for,” says Heidi Gieseking-Young about her experience following her diagnosis of Stage III ovarian cancer in August 2015. “I feel great now, I am back to full recovery and my good [Continue Reading]

Tashika Varma

Minutes Count When Your Child’s Bump on the Head Becomes Life-threatening

Landon’s injury at first seemed minor, a small bump on the head during a harmless game in his elementary school gymnasium. It was a typical Tuesday afternoon and the 7-year-old had been playing “four corners” during his school P.E.  class when his feet became tangled with a classmate’s, and he fell to the ground fast, [Continue Reading]


Young Ovarian Cancer Survivor is Beating the Odds and Helping to Alert Others

Ovarian cancer is one of the hardest cancers to catch early. College Park High School graduate Haley Houston, 23, can personally attest to the difficulty of diagnosing ovarian cancer. Last December, as she was planning her wedding to her high school sweetheart, she received a shocking diagnosis that would change her life forever. According to [Continue Reading]

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What I Learned at H.A.P.P.Y. Summer Boot Camp

The concept of H.A.P.P.Y. Summer Boot Camp is simple: Promote healthy attitudes in youth and make it fun. Created by  Memorial Hermann’s Community Benefit Corporation, H.A.P.P.Y.  stands for Healthy Attitudes Promoting Positive Youth.    The camp strives to impact the physical as well as mental health of students who are identified as overweight or at risk [Continue Reading]

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Champions of Tomorrow Cheer on Team USA

They may not carry a torch or wear a gold medal or train with the world’s best coaches, but our patients are champions too: breaking barriers, rising above their own personal challenges and pushing themselves to the limit every single day — just like the men and women in Rio. To us, they’re all winners. And as the Americans continue to dominate [Continue Reading]

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