Donating Life: David and Beth

 Beth & DaveDavid Langston was at a doctor’s visit in Blacksburg, Virginia in 2011 when he was told he needed to see a nephrologist, a kidney specialist.  Although David had experienced kidney problems for about ten years, he was unaware of the severity of his condition.  The nephrologist informed David that he was in stage four renal failure and that his kidneys were failing rapidly.  He would need to begin dialysis within the next four to six months.


David instead requested a work transfer to Houston so that he could seek guidance at the Texas Medical Center.  He was referred to nephrologist Dr. Donald Molony, who discussed with David the possibility of a renal transplant, which would help him avoid having to go on dialysis.  Dr. Molony referred David and his wife Beth to the Memorial Hermann Transplant Center, where they educated the couple on the transplant process and addressed all of their concerns.

Beth-Dave & Onnie



When David’s family and friends became aware that he needed a transplant, several offered to donate a kidney. It was David’s wife Beth who came forward and officially expressed her desire to donate a kidney on her husband’s behalf.  The transplant team worked closely with the couple throughout the process of testing, evaluation and follow-up.


After initial testing, it was uncertain whether Beth was a match.  A CT scan was performed, which indicated that her kidney was too small for the transplant.  However, Dr. Steve Bynon ordered an ultrasound, which revealed that the kidney was, in fact, the appropriate size.  Beth was accepted as the donor.

The surgery took place in the fall of 2012 at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center.  Since the transplant, Drs. Horacio E. Adrogue and Aleksandra DeGolovine have overseen the couple’s medical needs and adjusted their medications accordingly so that they could lead normal, active lives.  David and Beth wish to express their gratitude to the entire transplant team and support staff for making their living donor transplant an amazingly wonderful experience for both of them.

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