Infant Who Suffered 50 Seizures a Day Remains Seizure-Free Nearly Four Years Later

By Drew Munhausen

As Wesley Robertson, 4, dashes happily across a room, laughing and playing with other children, it’s impossible to guess that he once suffered up to 50 seizures in a single day.

Wesley was born with epilepsy that could not be controlled with medication. His parents, April and Scott Robertson, had accepted that his condition might be something their son would have to live with for his entire life.

However, Dr. Manish Shah, UTHealth pediatric neurosurgeon affiliated with Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital and the Mischer Neuroscience Institute at Memorial Hermann-Texas Medical Center (MNI), was able to perform a difficult surgery that achieved what Wesley’s parents once thought impossible. Wesley was just 3 ½ months old in October 2015 when he underwent the procedure that stopped his seizures immediately.

Four years later, he remains completely seizure-free.

“Wesley is doing absolutely wonderful,” April Robertson said. “He walks, plays and runs around all day, all while seizure-free. Before surgery we were told there was a risk that Wesley could lose function in his left side, but he has full function. It might not be as strong as his right side, but that doesn’t hold him back. He is getting ready to start his second year of preschool.”

Wesley recently met back up with his care team at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital’s reunion for pediatric epilepsy patients and their families, an annual opportunity for other families to connect and bond over their experiences.

“It was a joy to see Wesley at our most recent epilepsy patient reunion,” Dr. Shah said. “He was running around and playing games with the other kids. It’s great to see him doing so well.”

For April, it’s as much of a joy to witness Wesley’s success as it is to see all the other children like Wesley who have been helped by the Children’s Memorial Hermann care team.

“Its’s amazing to go to these events and share Wesley’s progress while also seeing how everyone else is doing,” April said. “It has become a mission of ours to share Wesley’s story. I love spreading the word about our experience because I want to make sure that other people have the same chance that we had.”

For more information about the Children’s Neuroscience Center at Children’s Memorial Hermann Hospital, or to schedule an appointment, click here.


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