Follow-Up Friday: Inspiring family and friends to have their own “new start”

By Jade Waddy

Brenda Longoria still beams when she states her weight loss surgery was the best decision she ever made for her health.

Longoria previously shared her weight loss journey with the EveryDay Well Blog.

“After I shared my story, so many people approached me asking for advice,” Longoria said. “I told everyone the same thing—Consider it. It will change your life.”

Longoria’s story inspired three family members and two colleagues to pursue the NewStart Program at Memorial Hermann. NewStart is a comprehensive surgical weight loss program offering a range of minimally invasive weight loss surgery options.

As Longoria initially shared in her original blog, life after surgery is when the real work began with making the surgery a jump start to a healthy lifestyle. She continues to watch the way she eats with smaller portions, more protein, veggies and watching her carbohydrate intake.

“Being consistent is challenging because just like everyone, I get busy with responsibilities and I admittedly allowed some of those things to take me away from exercising,” Longoria said.

As a result, Longoria admits her weight began slowly creeping back up.  Equipped with the knowledge of what it takes to meet her health goals, Longoria got back on track and returned to exercising regularly.

“I’m almost back to my lowest weight and I’m feeling great,” Longoria said. “Anyone who is needing to take control of their health, I encourage you to consider your options and this surgery.”

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