Following in Dad’s Footsteps at Memorial Hermann

This weekend, families will come together to honor and celebrate “dad” on Father’s Day. While fathers and father-like figures wear many hats, a number of dads at Memorial Hermann are creating family legacies in health care by inspiring their children to also devote their careers to advancing the health of patients and the community.

To honor the many fathers who spend countless hours supporting and giving to others, today we highlight fathers and sons who have followed a calling to provide care for those in need at Memorial Hermann.

A Family History in Medicine

Growing up, Dr. Gabriel Maislos knew he wanted to go into medicine – just like his father. As a child, he was exposed to Memorial Hermann Southwest Hospital through his father’s practice, which eventually led him down a path to what he felt would be making a difference in the lives of others.

“Seeing the effect my father had on his patients, the adoration they had for him and the difference he was making, it was only natural for me to follow in that direction,” Dr. Maislos said. Fourteen years ago, he did just that and joined Memorial Hermann Southwest opening his own practice as a podiatrist.

His proud father is Dr. Francisco Maislos, cardiologist, who has served Memorial Hermann Southwest for 39 years. Encouraged by his own father who believed he could help the poor and participate in charity work through medicine, Dr. Francisco Maislos went to medical school in his native country of Argentina. He felt it was the right calling as well, and so he pursued the education and moved to Houston to begin his practice.

“My kids saw in me that medicine was something worth doing. This is a career that is most deserving because of the patient/doctor relationship – it’s a vocation. It’s something to be cherished,” Dr. Francisco Maislos said. “I’m a lucky father. I have three good kids who all decided to go into the field of medicine. We have a family that spends time with each other most weekends, and Father’s Day is a special weekend we look forward to celebrating each year.”

“Now that I have two children of my own, Father’s Day has taken on another level. I’m trying to instill in my children what my father instilled in me – and trying to do it as well as he did,” Dr. Gabriel Maislos said.

Chasing a Dream to Fly

Gerrit von Wenckstern knew early on that he wanted to work for Memorial Hermann. His father, Eric von Wenckstern, is the current administrative director of Memorial Hermann Life Flight® and has been with Memorial Hermann since before his son was born.

“My dream was always to follow in my dad’s footsteps as a Life Flight pilot,” Gerrit von Wenckstern said. “To hear firsthand the difference he and the rest of the Life Flight family were able to make in so many people’s lives gave me a profound connection to the organization.”

However, Gerrit von Wenckstern ultimately went a different path. He is currently the marketing manager for Memorial Hermann Southeast and Memorial Hermann Pearland Hospital, where he is able to craft his own legacy in the organization.

“I am very proud to be his father,” Eric von Wenckstern said. “We both understand how important each other’s work is and appreciate one another’s accomplishments. I enjoy getting to see him for a few minutes if we are doing business at each other’s facilities.”

“Working in the same organization has brought us closer,” Gerrit von Wenckstern said. “I always enjoy meeting someone who has worked with my dad and hearing so many cool stories and compliments about him. It has enabled me to see him beyond just being my dad. It has given me even more insight into what a great person he truly is.”

Happy Father’s Day to all men who serve as mentors, leaders, caregivers and countless other roles. We are grateful for your many contributions this weekend and every day throughout the year.

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