Our Affiliated Physicians Weren’t Fooled By these “Tricky” Diseases

By Meredith Whittemore

April Fool’s Day can be accompanied by pranks or practical jokes, meant to scare or surprise its victims. But illnesses trying to stay hidden away are no match for our affiliated physicians. Read more on some of the unusual, uncommon, and unexpected diagnoses made by our specialists.

Rare Spinal Disorder Tried to Hide Behind “Behavioral Issues”

When teachers told Leah Cole her then 3-year-old son, Tyler, was having behavior issues at daycare, they went on a journey that ended with a surprising neurological diagnosis.

The Stroke That Wasn’t

Nakia Cooper was diagnosed with a stroke, but physicians struggled to uncover the cause. After months of doctors’ appointments and testing, a cardiologist uncovered the answer that had been eluding her.

Many Houstonians Have Allergies, But He Isn’t One of Them

John Chapman thought his chronic congestion and cough was allergy-related. After months of trying medications that didn’t work, he sought out a second opinion that discovered the true diagnosis.

Infant Suffers Up to 50 Seizures One Day and Zero the Next

Nothing was out of the ordinary about April Robertson’s pregnancy. But when baby Wesley was born, he began suffering seizures, as many as 50 in one day. A pediatric neurosurgeon offered a unique solution.

Weight Gain, Abdominal Pain Reveals Scary Diagnosis

Gwen Stevens attributed her weight gain and abdominal pain to a stressful few months and lack of exercise. When her OB/GYN ordered additional tests, they uncovered a much scarier diagnosis.

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