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Visitors to Super Bowl LIVE in Houston enjoyed an exclusive opportunity to experience Everyday Well from Memorial Hermann. A first-of-its-kind approach to health and wellness in the Houston market, Everyday Well connects you with everything you need for living well and staying well. And it’s all delivered on your terms, on your schedule and at your convenience.

Everyday Well meets common needs like expanded access to primary care physicians, extended hours for urgent care visits and easily accessible 24-hour Emergency Centers, while also offering innovative services including pediatric house calls from nurse practitioners and new telemedicine consultations with board-certified physicians. With Everyday Well, online appointment scheduling, patient portals, and apps that streamline and simplify access to care are at your fingertips.

Through Memorial Hermann’s interactive experience at Super Bowl LIVE, visitors tried various online scheduling tools and wayfinding apps, used revolutionary rehab equipment and participated in a simulated virtual care visit with a physician as if they were in their own living room.

We talked with Dr. David James, Chief Executive Officer for Memorial Hermann Medical Group, about the new Memorial Hermann Virtual Care – Primary Care appointments being offered to patients as part of Everyday Well.

How does Memorial Hermann Virtual Care improve access to care?

Dr. David James

Dr. James: “Memorial Hermann is taking primary care to the consumer. We’re going virtual – on your computer and soon on your phone – and getting you connected with a physician through our televideo platform.”

What hours are Virtual Care visits available?
Dr. James: “If you’re going to work every day, you don’t have time to be sick. Now, you can get connected with a physician in a televideo visit between 9 a.m. and 9 p.m., seven days a week. It’s particularly useful after hours, on weekends and on holidays when your regular doctor’s office isn’t open.”

What types of conditions can be treated using Virtual Care?
Dr. James: “There are a lot of urgent care-related visits that can be resolved just by examining a patient’s medical history and asking the right questions. From earaches, allergies, colds and the flu, to stomach aches and digestive issues and more, now a doctor’s diagnosis is only a click away.”

Does Virtual Care replace my regular physician?
Dr. James:  “Memorial Hermann Virtual Care is an extension of the physician from the physician’s office. It’s not a replacement for your regular doctor. Information from your virtual visit goes into your common electronic health record, which is shared with your primary care doctor. He or she is still the quarterback calling the plays for your care.”

How do Virtual Care visits save time and expedite referrals to specialists?
Dr. James: “Now, you can see a primary care doctor without having to drive somewhere, take time off from work, etc. And a Virtual Care visit can determine whether you need to be examined in person by a specialist without having to go to your primary care physician’s office first.”

Can you use Virtual Care visits if you get sick while you’re on vacation?
Dr. James: “With Memorial Hermann Virtual Care, wherever you are in Texas, the doctor is always in. That’s very reassuring for our patients.”

Who is eligible to use the Memorial Hermann Virtual Care – Primary Care Program?
Dr. James:  “Virtual Care appointments can be made by Memorial Hermann Medical Group patients 3 years and older who have been treated by an MHMG primary care provider within the last 12 months.”

What devices and operating systems are supported for Virtual Care visits?
Dr. James:  “Currently, we support desktop or laptop computers using the Google Chrome Internet browser.”

How much does a Virtual Care visit cost?
Dr. James:  “Each Memorial Hermann Virtual Care – Primary Care Program visit costs $49*. For many patients, the convenience and reassurance that virtual visits offer outweigh the costs.”

Learn more about Virtual Care visits and Everyday Well.

Were you at our Everyday Well experience at Super Bowl LIVE?
All visitors to the Memorial Hermann Everyday Well experience at Super Bowl LIVE had the chance to take a souvenir 360-degree selfie as part of #MHHouston360. The photos featured familiar landmarks from the Houston skyline along with a Memorial Hermann Life Flight® helicopter and could be shared with friends and family through social media.

*Memorial Hermann Virtual Care – Primary Care Program visits are not covered by insurance. Patients will not be reimbursed the $49 session fee.

Memorial Hermann Virtual Care does NOT treat emergent or life-threatening issues, chronic illness or provide medication refills.

Go to the Emergency Center or call 911 for:

  • Chest pain
  • Shortness of breath
  • Broken bones or injuries requiring bandaging
  • Severe abdominal pain

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