#ShotofHope: Jahnavi’s Story

By Jade Waddy

Q: How has the pandemic changed the work you do every day?

A: Working on the frontlines has been challenging especially during the COVID-19 surge in July/August and the current surge that appears to be relenting a bit. Our healthcare team members have come together as a family and stepped up to do everything in their power to take care of our patients. It has been very difficult to watch patients suffer from the virus and it’s heartbreaking to see some die from it. In this ever evolving pandemic, not only do we spend time with direct patient care but we also constantly keep ourselves up to date with emerging therapies and recommendations from professional organizations.   

Q: Why did you choose to receive the COVID-19-19 vaccine?

A: I chose to receive COVID-19 vaccine so I can permanently reunite with my 3-year old son who has been living with my parents in New Jersey since the pandemic started. Also, in memory of my beloved grandfather who passed away from COVID-19 in Aug. 2020.

Q: Since receiving your vaccine, how have you felt?

A: I have had minimal side effects so far and I have received both doses, so I am fully protected. I feel great to be a part of the solution and feel more energized after volunteering at Memorial Hermann’s NRG Park Vaccine Clinic to help the system vaccinate the community. 


  1. You’ve shown us what it means to be selfless – my gratitude and respect goes to you and the frontliners. ❤️ Thanks for all you do.

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