Ten Tips for Running in Cold Weather


Don’t let the chilly weather stop you from running outside. Follow these ten easy tips on how to acclimate to changing temperatures provided by Alyson Ruggiero, M.S., Exercise Physiologist and Sport Biomechanist, and Kimberly Gandler, M.S., Biomechanist, with Memorial Hermann IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute.

  1. Hydration and electrolyte replacement are still important when it’s cold; consume 16 ounces of fluids for every 1 pound lost.
  2. Wear easy-to-change layers of moisture-wicking clothing, so you can take off or add layers on the go as temperatures change.
  3. To prevent injury, spend a little more time warming-up than usual.
  4. Add more dynamic stretching, or stretching while you are moving, to your warm-up routine.
  5. Begin your workout with a longer walk and jog than you would in warmer temperatures.
  6. Start your run at a slow pace.
  7. Gradually work your way into your select pace.
  8. If you’re training by heart rate, your heart rate at a certain pace may be lower. Don’t worry, that’s okay.
  9. After you finish your workout, be sure to stretch adequately.
  10. Use a foam roller to self-massage and help relieve post-run muscle tightness.

Don’t let the cold keep you inside this winter. Follow these tips and get out and enjoy the cooler weather!

For more training tips, visit IRONMAN Sports Medicine Institute.

Tashika Varma