Water vs. Coconut Water vs. Sports Drink

During the warm summer months, athletes participating in physical activity will experience large amounts of sweat loss. Without proper hydration, athletes may experience symptoms related to dehydration, such as: fatigue, lightheadedness, headaches, dark urine or an increased heart rate. It is important to hydrate well and with the appropriate fluids. With the large variety of

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Essential Oils – Dispelling the Myths

Essential oils are liquid compounds that are extracted from plants. Commonly used essential oils include lavender, tea tree, lemon and eucalyptus. Essential oils can be used safely in aromatherapy and topical preparations to aid with anxiety, insomnia, respiratory irritation, skin conditions or pain. However, many essential oils cannot safely be taken by mouth. Recently, essential

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6 Factors that Lead to Drug Addiction

Today, people throw around the word ‘addiction’ to describe their obsession with their favorite hobby, relationship, or guilty pleasure. Before we explore the six factors that lead to drug addiction, let’s define what we mean by addiction. Addiction refers to continued use or behavior despite negative consequences, an inability to reduce or stop the use or

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